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Ways to annoy akatsuki members


1.Ask him if the real reason he killed his clan for was his name
2.Ask him what kind of "love" he shares with Sasuke
3.Ask him if the real reason Sasuke hates him for is because he raped Sasuke when he was young
4.Instead of Itachi call him Weasel chan or Weasel boy
5.Paint his hair a bright pink and refer to him as Lava girl and Kisame Shark boy.
6.Tell him that he and Sasuke should have more se..err I mean quality time
7.Randomly glomp him and yell " MINE" then walk off like nothing happened
8.Repeatedly mistake him for a girl(same can be done to Deidara)
9.Ask him if his eyes are that red because he spends too much time in front of the computer
10.Ask him why he killed his clan.If he doesn't answer ask him again.If he finally tells you ask again after 5 minutes.
11.Ask him to kill your family.If he finally accepts tell him not to forget the little brother this time.
10.Sing "POP goes the weasel" everytime you are around him in a scary voice.Bonus points if you hold a chainsaw and you're dressed as a monkey.
11.Randomly throw a dead fish at him and when he starts glaring and you tell him Kisame's girlfriend wanted to meet him
12.Tell him it's weasel stomping day and then proceed to chase him all day long around the base while wearing stomping boots.
13.Ask him if the genjutsu he put Deidara in was meant to show him how he will get bondaged
14.Run around the base like a lunatic screaming at the top of your lungs "WEAZZZUUUUUL" at midnight
15.Ask Kakuzu in front of him how much money Itachi made last night
16.Blindfond yourself and then start running in circles around him screaming "Aaah aaah,Itachi,Itachi,I'm blind,I'm blind!"
17.At night,cut his hair and in the morning intentionally mistake him for Sasuke
18.Play the "King of Sharingan" song whenever you are near him
19.Ask him how close he REALLY was to Shisui
20.Pinch his cheeks and tell him that he is SO CUTE
21.Starts ranting about how Sasuke is better looking than him.(Even if you think he's not)
22.Randomly push Sasuke on him and with an amazed look on your face gasp : Uchihacest! Better yet throw Madara at them.
23.Ask him if you can borrow his mascara
24.Write a fake diary while trying to copy his hand writting.Be sure to write in it things like "Dear diary.Today was the most horrible day of my life.My hair was all messy and I couldn't find my hair bows:( Oh and on top of that my pink dress has dirt on it :(" Then proceed to read it real loud in front of the akatsuki

1.Mistake him for Ino.When he asks you who the hell is that simply answer with "Oh,she's just a girl"
2.Tell him it's pretty obvious by now that he's Sasori's b**ch
3.Ask him if he is a girl.If he goes berkserk saying he is a man then dare him to prove it.
4.Tell him you know what he really uses his hand mouths at night for
5.Begin to sing " Dude looks like a lady" when near him
6.Ask him if the thing he really uses it's clay beause it looks like cocaine
7.Set his hair on fire
8.At a random moment,sneak behind him and tell him in a creepy voice that you know what he did last summer with Pein
9.Run around like a mad-man with Tobi screaming : THE ALLIENS! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!THEY ARE IN YOUR BRAIN!Then smack him in the head with a frying pan.
10.Ask him if he got wood fragments in his arse.
11.Grab his arse and call him your be*ch in front of the akatsuki
12.If he denies cry out loud "BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAID LAST NIGHT!"

1.Whenever you are around him sing "I've got no strings"
2.Ask him if he has "morning wood" 24/7
3.Pull his arm or leg at a random moment and use it as a back scratcher
4.Make him wait forever for something
5.Tell him that nothing lasts forever,therefore art is not eternal
6.Put CUTE pink hair bows in his hair while he's asleep
7.You know,actually dress him in a pink dress too so it will match the bows
8.Ask him if he's Deidara's sex toy
9.Call him Chucky
10.At a random moment go in front of him and say with an amazed face "I remember you!You were that killer doll who was playing in Child's play!Can I have an autograph?"
11.Chase him with a flamethrower around the base.Better yet,make Itachi threaten him with Katon :   goukakyuu no jutsu

1.Throw holy water on him
2.Ask him if Pein ever tried to convert him ( You know,since Pein calls himself god)
3.Tell him Jashin sama hates him
4.Better yet,after doing that say Jesus loves him
5.Ask him what kind of priest swears
6.At night,paint his hair green and tell him Jashin-sama told you to
7.Tell him Pein allows no more rituals
8.Ask him why he doesnt wear a shirt.Whatever his answer is go " Oooh I understand.So you don't wear a shirt because you whore yourself too much and you don't have time to wear one"
9.Sing " I'm too sexy for my shirt" song whenever you are near him.
10.Ask him if Kakuzu's mask doesn't get in the way.

1.Tell him you know he is a crazy old man acting like a retarded kid
2.Ask him if Deidara turns him on
3.Pants him
4.Pour flour in his eye hole
5.Ask him if he needed to do "things" with Hashirama in order to get a peace agreement between the Senju and the Uchiha clan
6.At random times call him Obito or Danzo
7.Ask him if he ever done some Uchihacest with Itachi
8.Better yet.Ask him if he ever done some Uchihacest with Izuna
9.Constantly remind him that the Uchihas turned their back to him
10.Give him an old man cane for his birthday.

1.Ask him why he wears a plant
2.Call him aloe vera
3.Ask him if eating vegetables it's cannibalism
4.Talk to him like you prefer one side over the other one
5.Confuse his sides.EVERYTIME ( Ex : Talk to the white one as if it was the evil one and the black one as if it was the nice one)
6.At night put him into a giant pot and water him
7.Ask if his mother was a flytrap
8.At Christmas,ask him if you can use him as tree
9.Use fresh fertilizer on him for no reason at all
10.Spray him with weed killer
11.Plant him
12.Show him TobiZetsu

1.Call him sharkman,fisherman,jaws etc
2.Ask him if jaws is his mother
3.Tell him his feelings for Itachi are just obvious and that you already know about his colection of Itachi plushies under his bed
4.Take him to the Aquarium and tell him you saw his cousin there
5.For his birthday,flood his room and decorate it with random seaweeds and ask him if it remind him of home
6.Eat shark fin soup in front of him
7.Sing I'm blue whenever you are around him
8.Ask him if he's compesating for something with that big sword of his
9.Try to cook Samehada
10.Tell him you saw him on National Geographic
11.Ask him if he can talk to fish
12.Ask him if he's from the lost city of atlantis
13.Call him Kisama ( Means bastard in Japanese) instead of Kisame

1.Put alot of magnets in a room and then welcome him in
2.Hug him
3.Call him Yondaime
4.Tell him that he made Naruto sad by sending people to capture him
5.When he says he doesn't care go "How could you?! He is your son,you bastard"
6.Yell completely random things at him
7.During an important mission,whenever he says Akatsuki say "All are gay"
8.Better yet.Start dancing and glomping him during meetings.
9.Follow him all day long while singing "I'm following the leader"
10.Put smiley-face magnets on his face
11.Try hitting on Konan in front of him
12.Ask him if he had to rape Yahiko in order to get his body
13.Ask him if he ever had an orgy with all of his bodies
14.Ask him if he has a fetish for nail polish and that's why he makes everybody in his organization wear it.
15.Try hitting his eyes and when he asks you what the heck are you doing say you were darts-practicing.

1.Burn money in front of him
2.Eat money in front of him
3.Ask him if he whores himself for money
4.Ask him if he ever tentacle-raped Hidan
5.Call him grumpy old man

1.Ask him why he tried to rape both Itachi and Sasuke
2.Call him pedophile
3.Tell him Itachi's hair it's softer than his
Hey there ^^.Uhm.This is my first submission here and I'm kinda nervous..Well here are some ways to annoy the akatsuki ^^ Enjoy and comments are always welcome!
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SteedaChaos Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
lol love it! Naruto an Bleach are my favs!
QQmoarpally Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
I'm so glad you enjoyed it!I also like Bleach ^^!Might do one for Bleach characters in the future.
jiejen237 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
Lol, most of them made me laugh so hard xD Number 3 from Orochimaru was pure win xD
QQmoarpally Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
Hehe,I'm very glad I could make you laugh <3 Also,I kindly thank you for the favorite ^.^
jiejen237 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
You're welcome xD
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